Michael Evan Moore Portrait with blue/black background.

Urbanite LA

I recently had the opportunity to be the lead videographer for Urbanite LA at the “Getting Real 24” conference that IDA, a non-profit, hosts every two years. I worked hand in hand with both Srini and Vanessa, and as a team we were able to fully capture the event. It was 4 days of hard work with a bunch of planning before hand and during, but it was extremely fulfilling and a really fun project to work on. I look forward to many more events with Urbanite LA, and I will do my best to keep you updated through here about any events we work on together.


I’ve done a lot of contracted work through TVAsia, which consisted of many interviews, events, and creative thinking in regards to what shots need to be taken and when. Most of my work with TVAsia is extremely fast paced, and intense. It’s a privilege to be able to do what I do with them. Those gigs are usually bi-monthly or every couple of months. When I am working events with TVAsia, I use their JVC Pro HD camcorder or my own Sony FX30.


I hope these examples illustrate what I am able to do, as well as how I deliver to the clients I work for.